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WRC 2022 - Teams and Anti-doping mandatory requirements


Please don't remove yourself from this mailing list as we will use this to communicate to teams on team specific information for the WRC.


Captains/contacts/managers - please ensure ALL athletes in your team read this and follow what needs to be done. This is MANDATORY for WRC 2022 Athletes.


Dear Athletes,
In October last year the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) officially accepted the IRF as a signatory of the WADA Code. Anti-doping activities required of the IRF by the WADA Code include conducting testing at international competitions and out-of-competition; providing education programs; and sanctioning those who commit anti-doping rule violations.
It is therefore mandatory for our Athletes to register and follow an education program. Please read on ...
The first person from Anti-Doping that you usually saw was the physician and the chaperone that guided you through the testing procedures directly after a race when you were being tested. But that will change ... and from right now.
Education and prevention are now embedded in the WADA Code. So it is now mandatory for an Athlete to know the basics about Anti-Doping.
I see a lot of questions emerging from you all right now, like: What is Doping? Am I allowed to take a painkiller, and what is on the WADA Prohibited List? What violations are there? How does the doping control work? What are my rights? Can I report abuse? And more.
But don' worry, we will guide you through all this, by using a step by step online learning platform where you can follow the courses at your own speed and in your own time, in easy to understand small theme education sections.  

Step 1 - As a competitor at the WRC 2022 it is mandatory that you register on the following platform: 
  • Go to the website: https//
  • Choose English, French or Spanish to continue
  • If you are NEW then click "Register" in the top right hand corner. If you've registered before then Sign In.
  • You should see a screen similar to below
  • Fill in the registration correctly. For Role*
            * 01- Athletes      for all WRC competitors    (obligatory)
            * 02- Coaches     for coaches, managers, anyone interested       (recommended)
  • Read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Tick accept boxes for those two. Click  "Next" in bottom right hand corner.
  • Now you should see the second registration page as below. Continue with the registration
  • Sport = RAFTING
  • Level in Sport = International-level athlete
  • (Important that you write and select the correct Sport and Level)
  • Complete the rest of the form
  • When finished Click "Register Here" in bottom fight hand corner
After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and can login to the ADEL-Platform
Step 2 - Complete the WADA Learning Program
  • It is mandatory for each athlete competing at WRC 2022, that you follow the E-learning program with the name "ADEL for International-Level Athletes". This course includes multiple modules and a Final Quiz, and you can do this at your own speed.
  • You need to pass the Final Quiz with a score of 80 or above to meet the course Completion requirement.
  • It is also mandatory that you send this result to us before the beginning of the competition. Please send your whole teams' results together at the same time to IRF Anti-doping on
Step 3 - Register with the IRF
  • We already have your details from the WRC Registration Form - these will be added to the IRF's Athletes' database.
  • A fee of $10 USD per athlete is now due to the IRF. Please pay for the whole team at a time, or for all teams from your federation at a time. See payment options here. Please include an easy to understand reference.
  • Once this payment has been made each athlete will be registered on the IRF Athletes' database and eligible to compete at WRC 2022. The athlete will also now be an Individual Member of the IRF for 2022. 
  • Later new programs specific for Rafting will be added to the Adel platform. 
Step 4 - Follow WADA Code
  • Always keep in mind that the IRF will be checking to make sure that you are following the WADA Code and being a fair and honest athlete.
  • Be a warned athlete, keep the sport clean and don't bring yourself, your team or nation,
      and in general our sport in to discredit.
  • If you need to take medication tell your health practitioner that you are an athlete. Check it on the list before you take it (it's not only medication that can be forbidden!!!). 
  • Be careful - all Athletes can be tested. Together we work for a fair and honest sport.
For any questions about Anti-Doping... just contact us on
Keep sports clean, and may the best athletes win.
Best Regards,

Bert Kanora
Chair of Anti-Doping
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